We Will Make Sure Your Next Project is Completed on Time and Done Right

We offer project and contractor oversight services for home renovations, repairs and construction projects, as well as other home inspections. We also offer mold, wells, septic, wells, water testing, etc.

We Have a Network of Residential Trusted Contractors and Realtors Ready to Complete Your Projects

We will ensure these trusted contractors are not paid until both the homeowner and inspector approves of projects during a final walkthrough.

We will deal with any issues that arise and hold contractors accountable

Why is this important?

Having an "Oversee-it Inspector" is important because they will ensure that the contractor does what the homeowner wants, and ensures they complete the project with high standards, from correct and high quality materials, to making sure the project is being done correctly.

Along with that, if another problem arises during the project, the "Oversee-it Inspector" is there to help and assess the issue, and make sure if it needs fixing it gets done.