My name is Jason Gleeson.

I hired Gilbert Varela for a mold inspection at a home I have been renting for 2 years plus.. and my family and I we're experiencing several illnesses. And had concerns about the large amounts of mold in the house.

Gilbert showed up to the house; He was very presentable and friendly. He greeted me with a smile. And started his inspection on the outside of the house taking multiple pictures of each side of the house top to bottom. When walking into the house. He immediately sensed mold, by smelling it, and he actually said he could taste it.

We made our way throughout the house, he was very thorough at his inspection. Investigating all rooms. From top to bottom. On the main floor. And in the basement. Taking cotton ball swabs at all visible areas of mold. He also preceded to pull back various areas of plywood in the basement to check inside the walls locating more mold. He then began using some electronic meter device, to take readings of moisture inside each corner and inside of every wall in the basement finding different levels of moisture throughout the basement. After that.

He took various swabs off the furnace filter because it was sitting right next to a wall I have visible black mold then he also took swabs on the inside of the heat vent throughout the basement he took various pictures throughout the whole house on the main floor and in the basement and on the outside of the house.

Identifying mold throughout the whole home. After inspection Gilbert show deep concerns for me and my family and gave great advice i asked for after inspection, without giving any legal advice. He did what he could and went above and beyond his job by staying in contact with me after the inspection was done. Responding in answering any questions that he was able to that was asked of him, on several occasions. My family and I truly appreciate this man and his concerns and hard work. He is very good and passionate at his job. And I recommend if anybody who is reading this has any indication or any ideas of any kind of mold in their home or buildings/property, that they would like to have inspected. I strongly advise that you hire Gilbert Varela!!

I can not stress this enough!!! This man was a tremendous help to my family and I.
And we appreciate him and his hard work 100%.
And again I strongly suggest that you hire

Varela Renovations LLC, - for any concerns you may have for you and your family and your home or property when it comes to any mold problem!! ( HIRE HIM ) "Immediately"!
Thank you again Mr.Varela for your help and concerns for my family.
And our health and well-being, and for your tremendous hard work!!

Sincerely Jason Gleeson and Family

Jason Gleeson

Varela Renovations did a fantastic job with eliminating my mold problem which was in every room of the house. Gilbert is very great and have all the tool and knowledge to complete all tasks that he was faced with. He and his crew always showed up when he said they would and put things back in order when they left. They went WAY over and beyond to cut down on cost for me, did things that they didn't have to do and didn't charge me. It really shows in how he take care of his customers that he really care and not just in it to take all your money. This man saved me Thousands of dollars and for that I'm forever greatful. I will definitely be using him in the next week. AMERICA LOOK NO FURTHER VARELA RENOVATIONS IS THE HONEST AND BEST THERE IS. May your business continue to thrive.

Remiska Dismukes

Hard working caring kind an looks at every spot to make sure you get your money worth. Definitely recommend them!!

Nickole Werth